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Members and officers of the Town Council are disappointed that once again Chilton Town Council are receiving concerns about grass cutting and associated works that Livin are responsible for. Concerns include poor standard of grass cutting, not being cut frequently enough, large mounds of grass left after cutting causing an eyesore for residents, grass cut unevenly and even patches not cut at all. Also concerns that some tenants have restricted access to their properties through windows and gates which are obstructed by trees and bushes. This is a serious problem for tenants who have mobility issues and need access for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

These concerns were recently discussed at length at the Council meeting on 13th June 2017. Members requested a letter to be sent to Livin highlighting the problems and for feedback for an appropriate resolution. Copied into the letter was also Councillor Christine Potts and Councillor Brian Stephen, Durham CC Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Local Partnerships. We have since been advised to forward these concerns to our local MP, Mr Phil Wilson as he is looking into issues relating to Livin. Last year similar problems were reported and a letter was sent to Livin highlighting the concerns but unfortunately Livin didn’t respond.

Residents are assured that whilst these concerns do not come under the remit of the Town Council they have been forwarded. Any problems relating to Livin should be forwarded directly to them not the Town Council

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